Narnia / Don't be fooled by all the aesthetic, I still love memes.
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Your main source of second hand embarrassment - jeusus: Two very different kind of evil.

The Skywalker lightsaber

Sith Warrior, Urban Planet, Peter Quill, Battlestar Galactica, Clone Wars, Oc Series, Keith Kogane, Red Aesthetic, Cowboy Bebop, Tower

printed Kylo Ren helmet from Star Wars Episode 7

Fire always makes me sad. Celia would never set fires, after the death of her mother and the burning of their house by the enemy she learned that he who created fire is the one to uses it for burning.

Inspo // Mood // he's a peacock

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f a w n r e l i c, birdasaurus: Hannah Fuchser

The fire on my hand danced across my finger tips, lighting up the room. I heard a noise behind me, and my fire went out. (Open RP, I am the fire person)

Close-up on a fish skin - blue Siamese fighting fish - Betta Splendens in front of a white background - stock photo