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the words are written in different styles and sizes, with stars hanging from strings above them
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two hands holding scissors with the words, every lover's got a little help in their hand
a man laying on the ground with text that says take this to your grave fall out boy
a quote that reads, they don't know how much they'll miss at least until you're gone like this
Heave, Iowa lyrics- Fall Out Boy
a black and white drawing with words on it
an abstract purple background with the words if i can live through this, it can live through this
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two skeletons sitting next to each other with the words only want what i can't have
40 Fall Out Boy Lyrics Every Emo Kid Lived For
there is nothing more cruel than to be loved by everybody but you
a quote that says i'm just a man on the balcony singing nobody will ever remember me
a quote that says you are my favorite what if you are the best i'll never know
a poster with the words, you can only blame your problems on the world for so long before it all becomes the same old song
Humour, Green Day, Emo Quotes
40 Fall Out Boy Lyrics Every Emo Kid Lived For