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Your Ultimate 4-Day Dumbbell Split Workout Plan Day
1️⃣_ Chest _ Triceps --_Focus on building strength and definition in your upper body with targeted dumbbell exercises. Push yourself to the limit and feel the burn___Day . 2️⃣_ Back _ Biceps ----_Target your back and biceps with precision. Each rep brings you closer to those sculpted muscles you_re working hard for___Day . 3️⃣_ Legs _ Abs ----_Don_t skip leg day_ Tone your legs and core with our specially curated dumbbell exercises. Your abs and legs will thank you___Day . 4️⃣_ Shoulders _ Arms ----_Complete your workout week by focusing on shoulders and arms. Achieve balance and symmetry in your physique with these powerful moves.
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Treino de costas | definir | emagrecimento
Um treino completo de braços enormes, já comece a executar.🦾
Treino de ombros na academia
Deltóides e Bíceps
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Big Bad SHOULDERS Workout 💪🏼
Build those shoulder muscles with this intense workout from @lisafiitt. Designed to challenge and strengthen, it's perfect for anyone looking to enhance their upper body strength. Check it out and start your transformation! #fitness #workout #gym #foryou