Remove the hat and the belt; Sub with a couture lampshade hat and smaller colored belt to match/compliment the hat.

Decoupage a bottle// vidro/primer

Trash to Treasure - Decoupage a painted bottle with vintage illustrations of flowers - these would be great to use to hold flowers at a wedding!

Casaco de tricô legal

for inspiration - Daniela Gregis Details S/S could be done with crochet

Take a long crochet scarf, or two or three, wrap around the dress form, pin and sew. Receitas de Crochet

ribbed vest knit or crochet a long scarf and sew together to look like this.

Oh heck yes. Digital Cinema Dress Sewing Pattern | Sewing Pattern Shop | Oliver + S

Digital cinema dress sewing pattern

Introducing the first of four new Liesl + Co patterns, so you can sew something for yourself this fall! This is the Cinema Dress, an adult version of our Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress.