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Bee Queen

Save the Bees! , I send bee prayers, for abundance in food, for pesticide free plants, for pure water and for kind humans who will not call the pest contoller when a swarm accidentally mistakes a grill or part of a wall for a good place to build a nest.

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Tea towel.

There's approximately species of bees throughout the world making them the interest of beekeepers who rely on them to cross pollinate because when b

*heavy load of apples :)

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Vestido FARM midi azul onças

Vestido FARM midi azul onças

Green queen bee fabric, yaass! Traditional Empire bee design. Fabrics by Caroline Lebeau

C'est la bee Traditional Empire bee design… Fabrics, furnishings and ornaments of the Empire often featured the Napoleonic motif - enormous N’s encircled by laurel wreaths, eagles, and swans, in addition to bees.

Honey Bee.

Honey Bee.