tuto sac doublé

Takes a bit of thought but quite easy if you’ve done some machine sewing before BUT remember only sew one square gusset on the liner so can turn it inside out through the unsewn gusset (corner) then hand stitch the second one inside.

Handige opbergplaats voor je mobiele telefoon tijdens het opladen. Leuk om te zien en zelf te maken van vilt. Kijk voor vilt eens op http://www.bijviltenzo.nl

Owl Charging Pocket - practical, this could be enlarged too to be a pocket for the car, door, chair etc. anywhere you need to have a bit of tidy storage.


Lunch Box Bag

Bento bag with drawstring closure box bag no rim. Free pattern and tutorial to sew a lunch box bag with drawstring cover. The cover prevent the contents from falling out. Great to carry an on-the-go small craft project.

Tutorial: Little Hitchhiker's Backpack by Christina McKinney for Birch Fabrics :: Tutorial Mochila Infantil

FabricWorm: Free backpack Tutorial Pattern: Little Hitchhiker's Backpack by Christina McKinney!