Como organizar livros de forma criativa

How to Make Book Slings

Tutorial on making book slings. GREAT idea, perfect for storing kids books! Cute for a classroom!

14 brilhante do verão Paletas de cores | Licenciamento Angie Sandy Art & Design #angiesandy #colorcrush #colorpalette

14 Summer Color Palettes

CREAMSICLE Embrace color and go bold! These 14 Summer Color Combos will help get your makeup in ultimate relaxation mode.

DIY painted ombre spoon mirrors!

Paint spoons to look like petals. Stab them into circle foam piece. Color ends of certain spoons black to be prize winners.

psicologia das cores_OK

Essa é para quem sempre quis saber os significados das cores.

Mariane Tavares: DIY - Decorações com garafas

Mariane Tavares: DIY - Decorações com garafas (Bottle Recicle)

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