First Grade

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10 picture books for building classroom community
10 Books for Classroom Management
Integrate these crucial top 10 classroom management books into your first day of school read-aloud for building community! These picture books effectively convey lessons on fostering community among students, covering topics such as friendships, anti-bullying, and community-building strategies. Ideal for elementary classrooms including kindergarten through fifth grade!
the back to school classroom procedure is shown with pencils, markers and pens on it
4 Elementary Ideas for Back to School
Discover four teaching tips to ease the stress of the first few weeks of school! Receive guidance on organizing your classroom and fostering a sense of community during back to school. Learn how to effectively prep and plan for the first week using FREE planning templates. Ensure you cover all necessary classroom procedures with a FREE back-to-school checklist for successful classroom management. Dive in for more details and claim your two FREEBIES!
the back to school building worksheet is shown with text overlaying it
Getting to Know You Elementary Ideas for Back to School
This back to school season, build relationships among your students with these fun Getting to Know You activities for kids! From icebreakers to making friendship bracelets, we provide creative ideas to promote community in the classroom. Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, or 2nd grade, these activities encourage communication and connections. Explore these free back to school activities today for exciting ways to build connections and create a positive learning environment!
the top ten books to read during back - to - school, including children's books
10 Back to School Books for Building Classroom Community
These top 10 back to school books for building classroom community are essential to add to your first day of school read aloud! These picture books teach students how to build a classroom community. These contain books about friendships, anti-bullying, and ways to build community in the classroom. These read aloud are perfect for elementary classrooms: kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade!
back to school printables with the text, free checklist for teachers and students
4 Back to School Teacher Tips
Follow these 4 teaching tips to make the first few weeks of schools stress free! Get advice on getting your classroom organized and ways to build classroom community. Learn how to prep and plan for the first week with FREE planning templates. Plus, make sure you don't forget anything during this stressful time with a FREE back to school checklist of all of the classroom procedures you should teach for successful classroom management. Read more and grab 2 FREEBIES here!
eight quick tricks for using exit tickets for easy experiments and activities to help kids learn how to use them
8 Quick Tricks for Using Exit Tickets
Learn why you should be using math exit tickets in kindergarten, 1st grade, and grade 2 classrooms. These formative math assessments are the perfect template for taking a quick grade on 2nd grade math skills. Read 8 reasons you should use exit ticket ideas and grab free printable exit tickets today!
the 5 benefits of teaching math in small groups
5 Benefits of Small Group Math Instruction
There are so many benefits to small group math instruction! Need help understanding the flexibility, manageable instruction, improved behavior, reaching ALL students, and more? You can improve your kindergarten, first grade, and second grade guided math by using differentiated small groups. Grab the teaching ideas for small groups here!
five free quick and easy math exit tickets
15 Free Quick & Easy Math Exit Tickets
Grab these math exit tickets to use in kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and even special education classrooms. The design of each exit ticket template includes student self-assessment. These can be used for 2nd grade end of year report cards for a grade or as quick formative math assessments. Get your free math exit tickets today!
an apple sitting on top of a notebook with the words why you should teach math in small groups
Why You Should Teach Math in Small Groups
Wondering if you should start small groups in your classroom? Read the benefits to guided math small groups by understanding behavior concerns, rules, organization, and more. Learn to improve small group instruction in kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Read more here!
writing complete sentence worksheets and activities for students to use in their homeschool
Centers and Activities for Writing Complete Sentences in First Grade
Are you looking for easy activities to teach writing complete sentences? Learn how to set up writing activities that let your students practice sentence writing in 1st and 2nd grade. Follow these easy teaching tips to make teaching how to write complete sentences easier. These activities and centers will help your students master parts of a sentence and sentence formation. Read more here!
the sight word routine is an easy way to practice sight words in order to help students learn
Weekly Sight Word Routines for Daily Practice
Make learning sight words simple with this weekly sight word routine. Use these kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade sight word books a part of your daily sight word practice in guided reading and word work. Use this sight word practice during morning work centers, activities first grade, centers for kindergarten, and more! Download these free sheets today!
a pile of math exit tickets with the text 8 reason you need
15 Free Math Exit Tickets
Find new ideas for using math exit tickets in your classroom. This template for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and special education classrooms use student self-assessment, simple designs, creative templates, and more for easy grades. Grab free math exit tickets to get your end of year grades completed!
free sight word books for independent practice to help students learn sight words and read them
Free Sight Word Books for Independent Practice
Use this weekly sight word routine for learning sight words. Practice sight words first thing in the morning during kindergarten centers or during word work. These free sheets include sight word books for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. a part of your daily sight word practice in guided reading and word work. Download these free sight word practice books today!
small group of colorful legos with the title 5 benefits of teaching math in small groups
Teaching Math in Small Groups
Launch small group instruction in your 1st grade or 2nd grade classroom. These benefits are perfect for organization, manageable instruction, behavior, and more. Learn how to organize your groups, differentiate instruction, and improve small group math instruction. Click to read more!
the free end of year activity pack for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Free End of Year Activity for Kids in First Grade
Are you looking for simple end of year activities for your students? These activities are all easy to prep, saving you precious time that you can spend with your elementary class. Add these fun activity ideas to your end of school year celebration. Kids in kindergarten, first, and 2nd grade are guaranteed to love them! As a bonus, get a FREE activity! Read more here!