Carved draining board

Beautifully carved bench top with integrated draining board. I'd make this out of granite though!

Portavelas de cartoncillo con diseño

18 asombrosas formas de hacer tus propias lámparas de papel

DIY Luminária de Fitas Vintage: uma ideia bacana de um "faça você mesmo" reaproveitando fitas k7!

DIY Luminária de Fitas Vintage

Freguesia do Ribeirão da Ilha - Florianópolis SC

Freguesia do Ribeirão da Ilha - Florianópolis SC. Little Street of Little Houses & Church. Love this Piece so quaint & charming. Great use of that old Piece of weathered board for the Background too ;


A Visual Compendium of Guitars by Pop Chart Lab is an illustrated design that displays 64 famed guitars from “over 75 years of rock ‘n’ roll history

Parede_Tijolinho_Isopor - 22

Como fazer parede de Tijolinho de Isopor

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