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Milkweed Art Print featuring the photograph Release The Seed Milkweed by Susie Weaver Rare Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Planting Seeds, Planting Flowers, Unusual Plants, Weird Plants, Seed Pods, Jolie Photo, Patterns In Nature

Release the Seed Milkweed by Susie Weaver

Release the Seed Milkweed is a photograph by Susie Weaver which was uploaded on October 13th, 2011. The photograph may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. All products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide within 2 - 3 business days.

I remember these up north at my aunt's place when I was a sister and I would pull them apart and the fibers were so silky! If we pulled them too early there would be a white, milky substance inside, hence the name milkweed. Wild Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Replant, Tree Leaves, Seed Pods, Patterns In Nature, Planting Seeds, Amazing Nature, Nature Photography


Amazing Nature this is. I actually tried to get a shot of one seed floating in the air but it didn't tried. If someone has a tip on that...let me know..k! camera just couldn't focus down on it fast enough or know what, when I think about it know..I think I just needed an extra hand to hold it still in the air till I got it. Anyway, these are wonderful to see reseeding themselves for next year. "Whenever you feel the need or wish to cheer youself…

Common Milkweed - Asclépiade commune milkweed seed pod - gotta put some of these in the front wildfl Photo Images, Photo Stock Images, Cosmic Egg, Milkweed Plant, Seed Art, Weed Seeds, Organic Seeds, Seed Pods, Macro Photography

Common Milkweed - Asclépiade commune

Common Milkweed - Asclépiade commune Asclepias syriaca L. (Asclepiadaceae-Asclépiadacées) Commons Names: butterfly flower, silkweed, silky swallow-wort, Virginia silkweed, Noms communs: herbe à ouate, herbe aux perruches, Asclépiade de Syrie, Soie d'Amérique.

Milk weed pods for the monarch butterflies! Planting Seeds, Planting Flowers, Seed Pods, Jolie Photo, Milkweed Plant, Monarch Butterfly, Zinnias, Wild Flowers, Beautiful Flowers

milk weed babies/outdoor kid crafts

milk weed babies/outdoor kid crafts by Kid Crafts on

Terminalia calamansanai  羽根実 タイ産 - 軽井沢  ジャムこばやし ロシア人直伝のジャム Planting Seeds, Planting Flowers, Organic Art, Plant Identification, Outdoor Sculpture, Rare Plants, Seed Pods, Medicinal Plants, Natural World

羽根実 タイ産 Terminalia calamansanai - 軽井沢  ジャムこばやし ロシア人直伝のジャム