Antiker Spitze Trim Buch Bundle Jahrgang von LoveEmbellished

Antique Lace Trim Book Bundle Vintage Early Mid Century Distressed Book Stack Romantic Shabby Chic Decor - Book Themed Wedding No 4

Cute Basket Trays - with Buttons on the corners - NOT in English, but lots of photos.

These look incredibly easy. Start with a square, sew corners and flatten excess fabric by sewing a button on it.

Čerešničky by louCREA - - Handmade Dekorácie

Čerešničky / louCREA - - Handmade Dekorácie

Could fill these with lavender, baking soda, and essential oil and hang them in the car instead of the air fresheners from the store.

mantel a cuadros combinado con camino de mesa verde

Manteles con mucho color para decorar la mesa