Peter and the Wolf • Phoebe Morris Illustration

This book cover shows excellent figure ground/negative space. The contours formed by the position of the fox serve as the shape of a boy, I'm assuming "Peter." This empty space also creates a wonderful focal point for the book title to nestle into. - Kama-Sutra penguin cover by Malika Favre

Kama Sutra Book Cover Design by Malika Favre. This cover was rejected by Penguin for being too tame and not sexy enough.

Frankenstein book cover

Creative Covers This Frankenstein, book cover is right up my street and quite inspirational for the work I’m doing at the moment. It’s was design a few years ago by Maciej Ratajki, a designer based in.

On The Road book cover design by Jez Burrows who has taken a different approach by using the writing processes of Jack Kerouac as inspiration

My feelings on next week's trip in graphic not the book -from: On The Road entry for the 2008 Penguin Design Award by Jez Burrows h/t @bokstudion h/t @bokstudion