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The Red-tailed Hawk is a bird of prey known in the U. as the chicken-hawk, tho it rarely preys on standard sized chickens. It breeds in most of North America, from W Alaska & N Canada as far south as Panama & the West Indies.


This lovebird is a violet fischer. No one seems to know exactly why we see so few purple birds, but some scientists believe it is because the color purple is the last color on the color spectrum!

Pai,a minha vontade é que onde eu estou, estejam também contigo os que me deste. - João,17:24

Beautiful Dove - Heart Shaped Wings What an amazingly well timed and executed shot of this incredible bird!


Once in a lifetime shot. It looks like this eagle is having snake for dinner -by Miu Anthony Kwok, Iryna

venha ser nosso franqueado

African Sea Eagle/African Fish Eagle - national bird of Zimbabwe. His feathers are so fluffy they almost look like they could be fur instead. Such a beautiful bird ♡

In nature spectrum signed Art Print Fox wild life by PixieColdArt

In nature spectrum- signed Art Print Fox wild life wolf

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Captain America by Tim Shumate

Captain America by Tim Shumate. This would be a great tattoo. Only way it would be better is if Cap looked a little more like Chris Evans.

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