Lion king

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a drawing of an animal with many different things on it's face and head
Print for t-shirt PDS 2014
Print for t-shirt PDS 2014 by Konstantin Anufriev, via Behance
a drawing of a man with glasses and mustaches on his face, surrounded by other symbols
Yoga-men on Behance
an image of cartoon characters with balloons in the air and on top of each other
Mr Kone
a drawing of a lion wearing a crown
tattoo design - crowned lion - royalty, fierce, family, loyal, strength, wisdom
an orange and purple octopus on a black background
Landon L. Armstrong's Store | Society6
Octopus Fall 2012 Art Print by Landon L. Armstrong | Society6
a drawing of a lion with a crown on its head
Tattoo Design - Lion King by on @DeviantArt