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a drawing of a dog laying on top of a mat with the caption saying, melting chip puddle four legs stretched out behind it get all the sunshine
ALL the Sunshine
the pug is in residence with a crown on it's head and an ornate frame
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An illustrated poem! Illustration shows a pug abruptly sitting up from a nap, ears twitching and tummy rumbling. Couplet reads:
By the rumbling of my tums,
something tasty this way comes! Create Cartoon Character, Pug Gifts, Pug Shirt, Dog Pajamas
Something Tasty
a cartoon pug with a backpack reading a map
a drawing of a cat sitting on top of a tire
Pot of Gold
a watercolor drawing of a cartoon character wearing a blue hat with a yellow bow on it's head
a drawing of a group of pug puppies with one being surrounded by the others
two small pug dogs standing next to each other