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Sofia Sleigman
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Crystallic Alphabet by MagnusArania on DeviantArt

At the request of some people, I have decided to release the vectorised sheet of SBI's Crystal Language from the TV show My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. The Zip file includes both the shown v.


Thedan Script - used extensively by Gardnerian Witches Runic Alphabets - they served for divinatory and ritual purposes, as well as the more practical use; there are three main types of Runes; Germanic, Scandinavian/Norse, and.

Alien Alphabet by CloudyCosmos on DeviantArt

This was done for a Personal Manifesto project I had at Uni last year. I focused on the fact I loved writing stories and the fact I'm so interested in Space and the universe. This is the whole alph.

Lingua ignota

Lingua Ignota (Latin for "unknown language") was described by the century abbess of Rupertsberg, Hildegard of Bingen, who apparently used it for mystical purposes. To write it, she used an alphabet of 23 letters, the litterae ignotae

H'ruun alphabet by on @DeviantArt

First developed this alphabet back in Summer It's for the (currently-unnamed) language used by the H'ruun in my fictional universe. In addition, the Kýrdan use this alphabet.

"Pantographia" by Edmund Fry—Chaldean alphabets, more strange writing systems.

"Pantographia" by Edmund Fry—Chaldean alphabets. They seem to be associated the Hebrew alphabet and similar Semitic scripts/languages.