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Functional Cognition and OT: Our Time to Shine | myotspot.com

Looking for ways to use functional cognition in your OT practice? Neuro OT Renee Leuschke shares strategies and ideas that you can start using today.

Working Memory: Definition, Symptoms, Impact on Academics, Solutions, and Freebie

Do you have students that continually forget to bring a pencil to class, misplace their homework, blurt out irrelevant comments, and struggle following multi-step directions? These difficulties can all be traced to working memory mishaps. What is Working Memory? Working memory is a cognitive functioning that enables students to remember and use relevant information to complete an activity. It also enables learners to hold multiple pieces of information in the mind and manipulate them. It is…

Medicare Part B Documentation Requirements for Physical and Occupational Therapy | WebPT's Physical Therapy Blog

Here are the documentation requirements for physical and occupational therapy services provided to Medicare Part B beneficiaries.

Memorization Techniques | Book Units Teacher

Are your students having difficulty memorizing information for tests? Learning steps in a process, lists, or simple facts can be a challenge for most students.

043- Leslie R. Roerk, M.S., CCC-SLP, CDP, BCS-S - Part 2: Treatment Strategies for Patients with Dementia

Now that we've diagnosed dysphagia, how the heck do we go about treating it with this population?

The Clock Drawing Test and Dementia

What is the clock drawing test and what does it tell us about cognition?

8 T.V. Game Shows to Play With Your Nursing Home Residents

How to Add Familiar Game Show to Activity Program.

Swallowing Exercises (entry page) | National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders - A community for those impacted by dysphagia

The exercises and associated videos on the following webpage are only to ...

Compensatory Memory Techniques For Memory Loss - Twin Speech Language and Literacy LLC

Today’s post contains information that may be helpful if you, or someone else that you may know may be having a change in the ability to recall new or recently learned information. One of the most common reasons for memory loss is when a person has had a stroke. A stroke most often occurs when theRead more

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Purchase this two page document and you will never leave your house without it! I never do! It's my lifesaver. This document was created while I was in graduate school to help me during my hospital clinic and ever since, I have updated it, and never leave home without it. The Dysphagia by Rationale is a quick two sided cheat sheet organized by Dysphagia Diagnosis and presents recommended therapeutic strategies to attempt along with the rationales of why these treatments strategies are…

Handout: Dysphagia - Medical SLPs

Two (2) Dysphagia handouts: What is Dysphagia? - Common causes of dysphagia - Types of dysphagia - Treatment and management

Cognitive-Communication Disorders Explained & How to Help

After a stroke, brain injury, or in dementia, communication can suffer along with cognition. Learn why and what to do for cognitive-communication disorders.

Are You Training These 10 Cognitive Strategies? — Ozark Speech Pathologist | a therapy blog

ATTENTION [ ] SELF-TALK: “Am I focused on the task?” Silently remind yourself to “Pay Attention”. [ ] REST: Take a quick break and then try to focus again MEMORY [ ] SEE IT: Visualize what you need to remember. [ ] REPEAT IT: Verbally repeat it aloud 2-3 times. [ ] WRITE IT: Write it down. [

Language Worksheet | HappyNeuron Pro

Download your packet of HappyNeuron Pro's Language worksheets to use for cognitive remediation, cognitive rehabilitation & cognitive stimulation.