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Fender Strat colours & cars

Fender Strat colours & cars

David Gilmore, the Black Strat.. David bought the Black Strat at Manny's guitar…

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The world's original vintage guitar store located in Nashville, TN. Buy your next guitar, get an expert appraisal, or repair your vintage instrument.

Jimmy Page's Yardbirds/Early Led Zeppelin Fender Dragon Telecaster


Good read I found off reddit, thought you guys might enjoy! http://iconicaxes.blogspot.com/2012/09/jimmy-pages-fender-dragon-telecaster.html



The only thing I want for Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of Telecasters. (left to right: Custom Shop ‘67 Relic, American Standard FSR, homemade “Partscaster”, Custom Shop '60 Custom NOS, Modern...

Vintage Tele ad

Vintage Tele ad; Interesting content...

I was tooling around the a while ago and I found this vintage Telecater ad from the 1970s. I found it's predictive power quite interesting... [IMG]...

fender offcuts

fender offcuts

Dedicated to all those lesser known Fender guitars and basses. Working guitars, vintage or customised guitars, even the occasional strat or tele if it's particularly interesting I don't do submissions, but if you want me to see your guitar tag me in your postFind me at

vintage fender showman | vends ampli fender dual showman reverb 1973 vintage marque fender prix ...

Petites annonces musique - vends ampli fender dual showman reverb 1973 (vintage) sur Music Vibration

vends ampli fender dual showman reverb 1973 (vintage), fender à CHAMPIGNY SUR MARNE (94), Ile-de-France, France, Ampli Guitare, Amplis, Marque : Fender Modèle : Dual Showman Reverb 100 Watt en deux parties : Tête + Baffle (2x15') Année : ..., site de petites annonces et d'enchères.

Cragg boasts a ridiculous number of Blackface Fender amps. "It took all day to arrange this shot," Cragg laughs.

Photo Outtakes: Guitar Tech Larry Cragg | Fretboard Journal

Larry Cragg has a lot of amps. And guitars. He needs them, too. When he's not serving as Neil Young's guitar tech (not to mention Santana and other rock stars), he's busy running Vintage Instrument Rental, one of the few places in the world where musicians can rent the vintage guitars or amps of their dreams for a recording session or gig.