Natural French Script Print Handmade Purse

Natural French Script Print Handmade Purse or Shoulder Bag with Yellow Flower Pin

Upcycled wristlet by TheOldVirginian $15.00

A cute little wristlet made from upcycled materials. A fun, one of a kind way to hold all of your small personal items! Makes a great gift for young and old alike and absolutely one of a kid.

This upcycled bag functions great as a cute little beach bag buddy with it's tropical fabric and soft cotton tote exterior.  Perfect bag for carrying around those extra beach accessories in. By TheOldVirginian $30.00

Vibrant and fun tote fully lined. It's upcycled, handmade and 100 % one of a kind! Makes a nice beach bag if you're carrying light or a great gift for anyone who loves color, the tropics or an eco friendly style option.

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