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a turtle sitting on top of a rock in the water with its head resting on it's back
a small brown rabbit is looking up at the sky with its nose open and dandelion in it's mouth
bunny sniff
a black and white puppy sitting on top of a rock
Look At Those Eyes! Here Come the Bernese Mountain Dogs!
Bernese Mountain Dog...future friend?
a koala sleeping in a tree with its head on top of it's paw
The girl who keeps dreaming
three chocolate lab puppies wearing denim overalls
Apple's OS X Mountain Lion Up-to-Date Program Experiencing Early Hiccups
Oh my gosh!
a small dog standing on top of a hard wood floor
Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky. Oh my god soooo cute!
a small brown and white dog sitting on top of a floor next to a door
A little boxer will definitely be my first dog!
a kitten sitting on top of a bed next to a caption that reads, phantaom king of the opera
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in love
a small black dog standing on top of a lawn chair next to a wooden fence
OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder future puppy
a golden retriever dog sitting in front of a birthday cake
"He might be only part of your life, for him, you are his everything, the only person in his whole life."
two small pug dogs sitting on the floor
Bah Humpug!
baby pug!!!
two cats playing with each other on the floor
Delightfully Manic
Kiss for mommy
two baby elephants playing with each other in the dirt
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Elephant "love." Elephants form strong, life-long, family bonds
a woman holding a puppy wrapped in a blanket
TERRIBLE HD – Página 2
a puppy in footy pajamas. i can't even handle this right now
a baby turtle is laying on the sand
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Baby Sea turtle