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an instagramted post with several images of plants
a brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field
an image of someone holding a knife in their hand and the caption reads, i can't tell what happened
Chicken Hatchery & Baby Chicks for Sale | Chickens for Backyards
a collage of photos showing different types of dogs in cages and the same type of cage used for them
Exercise For Lead Changes! Part 4!
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the inside of a small cabin with wooden walls
the website for organic apple cider
Easy Tip for Labeling Chicken Meds
When storing medications for your chickens, I like to write the directions of how to use medication directly on the bottle. It might be a year or longer in between when I need to use this medication and writing it directly on the bottle makes it really easy. My reasoning is that sometimes the print on the label is too small or the label doesn’t explain the dosages for chickens. It’s a drag to look up dosages online. This trick makes it really easy.
Quick Tips To Gain Confidence With Your Horse! Part 10.