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Undertale - Flowey Origins pt 1 Source:

Undertale - Flowey Origins pt 1 Source <<< dam that's sad

Você fez sua escolha a muito tempo atrás. Então todos me culparam. Mas se lembre de quando eu disse lá atrás. Desde quando você era o único no controle? (Me sinto culpada)

Everyone is quick to blame Chara or Frisk for the genocide, but its actually the player. And there are quite a few moments where the characters in the game talk to the player, not frisk or chara. Also I thought Frisk was dabbing 🤢

Undertale - comic

We got Sans his happy ending.assuming you did pacifist<and didn't reset lol>>>TO LISTEN TO YOUR AWESOME PUNS SANS<< no the whole point of the . is because you don't know anything about sans he keeps himself to himself