Posted: August Cece Drake was in 10 episodes before she was unmasked as Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis, Alison’s sibling, …

Who is Emily's??? :O - Pretty Little Liars

Who is Emily's? :O - Pretty Little Liars interesting! lol HW HW HW Paparella they clearly all die… a lli, maya, paige haha. This is not real though, ezra and toby aren't A

pll funny 10 Any one else over Pretty Little Liars? (23 photos)

Any one else over Pretty Little Liars? (23 photos)

Pretty Little Liars Return on June 21, #SaveHanna

Where Is Hanna On The New 'Pretty Little Liars' Poster?: Photo Check out the jailhouse-inspired new poster for the new season of Pretty Little Liars! Ali (Sasha Pieterse), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer…

Day 83, march 24th: Get it together writters #PrettyLittleLiars

Pretty Little Liars quote from the episode! Once you know something you cant unknow it.