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Farb- und Stilberatung mit -

Ready for some Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 couture gowns? First things first – the wedding dress above, is really pretty.

Izzy and Simon dancing in Magnus's living room - taken by Alec, 2016.

Dancing together as the music from the turntable played. You took my hand and spun me around. We were such hopeless romantics lol

The secret of it all is to write ... without waiting for a fit time or place. ~ Walt Whitman

Scene 1 - reading a book - hair inspiration

[Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them]

♕ insta and pinterest @amymckeown5

♕ insta and pinterest @amymckeown5

hideandstudy:  { January 9th 2016 }Can one go wrong with tea, greek yoghurt with granola, and blueberries? Looking at old pages in my bullet journal while eating breakfast was the perfect way to get me motivated this morning. || 1 / 100 days of productivity ||

study revision work desk organization set up layout with breakfast

Alguns fazem loucuras em busca de inspiração

rainy days cups of coffee, books or your fucking chores which u have to do, but u forget for all with one or two sips of coffe.

♕ insta and pinterest @amymckeown5

♕ insta and pinterest @amymckeown5