A Picture is Worth... Elephant Having Fun

Look at this elephant taking a shower. Now look at your life. Now back at the elephant. And back at your life. Cry a little because you're not as happy as this shower-taking elephant.

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Red owl. According to Wikipedia, the Red Owl is mainly in Madgascar. Is considered Vulnerable.

What Color Best Describes You?

Red Owl: Also known as the Madagascar red owl, Madagascar grass-owl and Soumange's owl- Beautiful!


First kiss /// This is just so cute. A loving mom plops a kiss on the baby's head. I love the baby giraffe's flat ears!

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When you show up as authentic, you create the space for others to do the same...

66 fotos que comprovam a amizade entre bebês e cachorros

A Dalmatian kiss. Liver-spotted Dalmatian kissing a toddler on the beach.-i miss my dalmatians we had growing up


the kid is really cute , but look at the expression on that dog's face…