Invisible Join for Double and Half Double Crochet When Working in the Round - YouTube - instead of slip stitching and chaining up to start the next row. This looks REALLY neat, no gaps and straight seam!

Invisible join for double & Half double crochet in round. I think I love this.I hate the way the chain 3 look on my hats. Going to try this tech. out - I don't like the chain 3 look either, I'll have to watch this.

▶ How to Crochet 13: Tapestry crochet - YouTube

Crochet Tutorial Tapestry Crochet In this crochet tutorial I teach you how to do tapestry crochet in the round. A fun way to add graphics and intricate d.

#Crochet Summer Beach Bag #TUTORIAL

Just pick your crochet sticks and some colorful yarns to make some of these 30 easy DIY crochet tote bag patterns. Not they are easy to handle but let you play