E voce se acha bom andando de Slackline...

Slacklining In Yosemite

Tightrope WalkerReal-life daredevils don't need fake backgrounds. This is Dean Potter caught by Photographer Jeff Cunningham as he teased the Grim Reaper at Taft Point in Yosemite.

Fotos Incríveis Em Lugares Que Vão Acelerar Seu Coração

Fotos Incríveis Em Lugares Que Vão Acelerar Seu Coração

13 Death-Defying Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

É loucura jogar fora todas as chances de ser feliz porque uma tentativa não deu certo... #Pequeno #Príncipe #Base #Jumping

Dunamix skydiving trip anyone?

Sandboarding.The most frequently visited sandboarding destinations in the world tend to be located in or around deserts and beaches, but there are plenty of other locations. Check out http://dsc.discovery.com/adventure/the-worlds-best-sandboarding-spots.html

The unique concept of boarding on sand, sandboarding is a definite on our bucket list. The best sandboarding spots are The Middle East, The Outback, Africa and South America

I'm embarrassed to admit this, because Flyboarding seems like it was invented for the jaded, but it looks like fun. I'd love to try it.

Must Do this - Adventure - Flyboarding, France

italian-luxury: Sailing the Sky by Mahmut Yilmaz

Paragliding // italian-luxury: Sailing the Sky by Mahmut Yilmaz

Sumindo nas nuvens

This is probably one of the most basic and common things on a bucket list. I really want to go skydiving. To have my adrenaline pumping as I jump out of the plane, to the serenity of falling in peace. Sky diving is a must before I die.

esportes radicais | Se você pratica esportes radicais, eis os cuidados

i love to feel the breeze of the winds through my wings


Hammocks over a river, hopefully the bugs aren't too bad! i have the eno hammock just need a river spot

Fotos de vários temas disponíveis, espero que gostem! / Pictures of d… #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad


Bon Fire in the woods ❤️