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Improve your tilts with these 3 unique exercises
Exercises 1 and 2 will help you with Exercise 3, and Exercise 3 has been one of the most effective exercises I’ve found! 1️⃣ Single Leg Extensions 💡Keep your knee going forward over your toes. Don’t let it knock inward! Bend as far as you can while extending the leg out as long as you can. 2️⃣ Side Plank with Leg Lift 💡Keep your arm directly under shoulder and press away from the floor. Keep your hips lifted high off the floor. Without letting anything else move, lift your top left up and down with control. 3️⃣ Lateral Taps to Floor 💡Keep your standing leg turned out. “Tilt” over to tap the floor, then come back up with control. Root your standing leg into the floor by pressing all five toes down. Keep your core engaged and tight to avoid wobbling! Try these out and let me kno
How to get bullet proof ankles
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Exercises to Strengthen Hip Muscles & Improve Turnout Quickly, Ballet Tips, Ballerina, Dancer
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