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Light Sussex Chickens....this is the breed that my Butterball is....LOVE them!!  BIG birds! Lay light pink eggs

Soaring price of rare breed poultry attracts thieves - Farmers Weekly

Rare hens are being stolen to order by gangs of chicken rustlers as prices for these birds soar, according to an article in The Independent. An estimated

One week old Speckled Sussex chick picture

All about the Speckled Sussex: is it the right breed for you?

Looking for a curious, friendly, chatty chicken breed? Here's why the Speckled Sussex is the Oprah of the poultry world!

Red Sussex

Red Sussex Chicken

The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed that originating in England around the time of the...

speckled sussex chicken

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Sussex Chicken  The Sussex is a very old breed developed in Sussex, England. The speckled Sussex (shown) is believed to be the oldest. There is a school of thought that suggests the Old English Game bird was the starting point for the Sussex.

45 Heritage Chicken Breeds

A guide to the many varieties of chickens and their origins and habits, from HGTV.

Buff Sussex - Poultry Valley & Lifestyle

Harrisville Heritage Poultry Collective

Welcome to Harrisville Heritage Poultry Collective - we are proud to offer a wide variety of heritage and rare poultry breeds.