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Jikook ♡

Read fanart from the story [Kookmin]{Đoản} Dành Cho Nhau by lyn_minie (lyn_ARMY) with reads.

You said you'd buy me lamb skewers

Jungkook stop! that bodyroll and shirt are a great combination I feel like I can see Kookies abs OMG stop. But then there's Jin at the back being a idiot that's why I love him 😍😘❤

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❁[Ane of The Wild Hunt]❁

{DDLG rp: Be him?} I watched as you slide my thigh high up my leg "Thank you daddy" I giggle into one of my stuffies I had cuddled in my arms "Diaper check as well?" I ask as I part my legs, waiting for you to check