Sílvia Tavares

Sílvia Tavares

Santa Maria da Feira / olá eu chamo me Sílvia gosto de me divertir, ouvir musica, ver tv !
Sílvia Tavares
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Nail Art Designs: Top 50 Nail Art Ideas For 2016

Beautiful matte black and maroon nail art design. The matte polish makes the design pop out even more as the lace designs can be more noticeable.

New Rose Quartz Nail Designs 2016

Loving the matte colors on this white and maroon nail art design. Matte always gives your design that sophisticated look and with addition of silver embellishments in this design, it looks absolutely stunning.

Oh Cas...

Oh Cas! Too cute! If a guy ever gave me this as a Valentine's day card I would immediately marry him! But only if he was an exact replica of Cas. Sorry to all of the non-Cas look-alikes :/