creative cv-  different ways to present a creative cv

14 Stunning Examples of Creative CV/Resume

Five ideas to make your CV design stand out from the crowd. From elegant minimal CVs to clever witty resumes. Inspiration for CV design.

Creative cv-  I like this concept of keeping it simple, use of bold colour and adding a personal touch with a photo

14 Stunning Examples of Creative CV/Resume

I love this cv as it showcases his illustrative style but keeps it professional looking and clear to read

14 Stunning Examples of Creative CV/Resume

Resume Design: Your CV talks a lot about you and your career. So if you want to have a lucrative career, it's important to have a professional resume design.

Really like this one, its just the right of creative

Creative Resume Inspiration: Adam Balazy - still clear a d professional, but like the touch of illustration.

I love this concept of incorporating sewing techniques making the cv tactile and stand out

45 Creative Resumes to Seize Attention

Melissa Washin Sewn Resume - This is seriously rad. Great way to show off your creativity for those creative types! Obviously, not a good idea for a corporate job, but perfect for creative centric jobs.

simple design but effective

28 Amazing Examples of Cool and Creative Resumes/CV