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Old Money Names: French, Italian & Spanish Cool, Rich & Preppy Boy Names
Old Money Names are in! These cool boy names & rich boy names are rare & classy. If you're in search for a strong baby name for your book character, go through our list of boys names including over 250 old money baby names to find the perfect name for your elegant male character. Discover vintage boy names perfect for cute baby boys. french old money names. old money names italian. spanish old money names. american old money names. english old money names. old money name ideas.
the long boy names are written in black and white
*BEST* 3 Syllable Boy Names with Nicknames
Searching for modern baby names? These 2 syllable boy names with nicknames are total hidden gems (including lots of long boy names) - you might not have added them to your baby names list yet, but I hope these adorable nicknames change your mind! (Great for mamas who love different baby names or uncommon baby boy names that are a bit longer!)
Character girl names beginning with ‘c’. Last Names For Characters, Last Names, Names For Redheads, Rare Female Names, Pretty Names, Girl Names, Old Names
Girl names beginning in ‘C’
an old timey names poster with a baby sitting on it's stomach and the name
235+ Best Traditional Yet Unique Baby Names
Love old timey names for babies? These traditional baby names have all stood the test of time and are ready for a COMEBACK in 2024. (I bet there's more than a few of these cute vintage boy names you haven't heard before!)
the names of different languages on a black and green background, with white writing in it
Long Names for Girls
the old money italian boys names are shown in black and white, with gold lettering
the feminine forms of masculinie names by alchemy on flickr