I would do this xD

Uneducated people must be corrected…

Funny pictures about Uneducated people must be corrected. Oh, and cool pics about Uneducated people must be corrected. Also, Uneducated people must be corrected.

Barney and Robin- how i met your mother #himym Weekend at Barney's

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Barney and Robin- HIMYM. They really belong in three boards but I'm putting them here because Robin just shines

Conceito em Barbearia.  http://CapitaoMustache.Club, Capitao Mustache

How I Met Your Mother: Doppelgangers (Okay let me see if can get this right) Mexican Wrestler Ted Lesbian Robin Doctor Barney Stripper Lilly Mustache Marshall

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How I Met Your Mother - Love, Love, Love! Marshall trying to keep his eyes open Ted always having a random new girlfriend Lily not liking the random girls Barney never taking a bad picture Robin waiting for Barney to sneeze lol Legendary!

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