( Be the girl)

She reminds me of an anime character I created

After that... I wondered if you would like some company into your life because you are alone the same way as I am so lets be alone together

Cool anime girl with balloons

(( Be the girl))

Lonely anime girl on swing

((Open rp, be the guy)) Leave me alone you idiot. Do you want to be killed? I'm trying to relax! Also, you're going to scare the bunny!

♤ Beautiful Anime Art ♤ anyone know where this is from?

((OPEN RP!, i'm the guy!)) *holds out pocky* Here.. *says in a cold voice*

Just because he's eating pocky, pocky is amazing

There he is, he's been there for days. I wonder if he's given up, such as I have? "Hello?" I call but he will not hear me, he couldn't. I'm gone, I'm dead. Don't cry kid, do't give up like I did. You don't wanna be dead; do you?

To sacrifice everything. That is what he was about to do, his only regret was that he couldn't explain why. Return of Darkness) ~Wendy Hamlet

((Open rp, be the girl))

Rainy as hell // Manga / Anime Illustrations by Patipat Asavasena I usually look right past anime illustrations but this one caught my eye, there is something refreshingly calm about it.

(( Open rp))"Your voice brings out my wings"

Okumura Rin - Ao no Exorcist - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

(( I'm the boy ))

Digital Art by iya-chen

digital art : emo-type boy with black wings : iya-chen

(( open rp)) You aren't scared? I scare the living. You must be dead, but to check, I'll feel your pulse. Oh? You're alive? That's strange. Why aren't you scared? You're scaring me! * laughs a bit*

Idk wat anime this is

(( I'm the zombie)) ArE yOu goiNg To tUrN aWAy fRom Me nOw? It's OK. I uNdeRsTand. I'm an UgLy, RotTinG,  MOnsTer. Go aNd hidE. GeT AwaY frOm mE. I WouLdnt wAnT tO hUrt YoU.

Zonbi no shōnen (Anime Gore Guy Zombie)

(( I'm the guy!))Beauty isnt mearly just skin deep. You could resemble a rotting corps and be beautiful. Your soul is the object to be judged weather its ugly or beautiful.* starts to cry as I poked myself again with the sharp needle. It went deep this time. I pulled it back out to form a nice thread going into my neck*


I'm just your voodoo doll; stitch me together and stick needles in my head

((Open RP! I'm the boy in the pic? Be his childhood best friend)) *runs to him* what happened?!?!

Spaliłem nadzieje, ale może jednak nowy rok będzie lepszy w/∞Infinitum∞

(Rp? Someone be a girl or preferably a boy?) This is who I really am...go ahead and not like it, you wont be around long enough to tell anyone..

(Open rp IM NOT THE BOY) Luke: like my mouth? How 'bout you came over and give it a try?

"I'm zulo. I'm half angle half demon . My wings are black . One wing was stolen from me . I'm an outcast . Not welcomed with the angels or Demons"

Comic Illustrations by Nekozumi

I& zulo. I& half angle half demon . My wings are black . One wing was stolen from me . I& an outcast . Not welcomed with the angels or Demons

(( I'm the guy)) Hey there. Your probably wondering what I am. My name is Jack, and I am an angel and demon. Sometimes people will call me a monster. I don't want to live on anymore. So here I am, wandering around the world with this over my mouth.

anime mais limdo que vc vai ver hj