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If you’ve ever thrown up your hands in frustrating and said, “I just don’t know what to blog about!” then this board is for you. Deciding on a niche is one of…
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what type of blog should you start using?
What Type of Blog Should You Start?
There are 6 types of blogs that are successful. Which one suits you best? Take this quiz to find out and get started on the right foot!
the cover of 24 trending blog niches, with an envelope full of papers
24 Blog Niche Ideas to Help You Find Your Voice
It's common when you start blogging to not know what niche is right for your blog. But finding the perfect one can be tricky, especially if you're just starting out and don't have a lot of experience in any particular topic area. These 24 trending niches are some great places to find inspiration on where to take your blog next!
the front cover of a blog post is shown
8209 Blog Post Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creativity
If you're ever stuck for ideas, this list is your answer. It's sorted by popularity so you can see what topics are trending right now. Plus, it includes a wide range of different niches so there's something for everyone. Get inspired and start writing!
the front cover of a blog post headings template for bloggers to use on their website
Blog Post Headline Templates for You!
Ever wondered how to write a headline that will get your blog post read? It's not an easy task. But these templates can help you learn what works and what doesn't when it comes to writing headlines for blogs.
a blue background with the words,'8 ways to make money blogging '
Huge List of 80 Ways to Make Money Blogging
This list is a downloadable PDF guide with 80 ways you can make money blogging. There are so many different strategies and it's important that you find the one that works for your blog niche.
five minute tips to grow your blog with text overlay that reads, 100 + quick win tasks to grow your blog
100+ Quick 5 Minute Tips to Grow Your Blog
If you want a blog that will grow and make money, then these 100+ quick tips are for you. Read on for the best ways to help your blog get seen by more people in less time.
the blog plan with text overlaying it
The Blog Plan - Your Framework for a Successful First Year of Blogging
Learn everything you need to know about setting up and executing a successful blog plan in your first year of blogging. This free course provides the framework and step-by-step instructions so you can hit the ground running. Get started today!
the first blog post template for bloggers to use on their blog or twitter account
The Blogger's Guide to Crafting the Perfect First Post
It can be difficult coming up with content for your first blog post. With some planning, this is something anyone can do. Let me help you get started with a template and checklist on what needs to go into each of those first few posts. You'll thank yourself later!
a woman with her mouth open in front of a bed and speech bubbles above it
Easiest Way to Start a Lifestyle Blog
Do you want to start a lifestyle blog, but don't know how? Here's the easiest way for starting your own blog. Click to learn more!
a person sitting on a couch using a laptop computer with the text, the blog plan
The Blog Plan
This blog plan comes complete with everything from design tips for getting started, how-to's on social media marketing, tutorials on blogging growth hacks (like SEO), helpful reminders about content calendars, lessons in monetization strategies (including affiliate links!), plus much more. You'll be able to start off 2022 knowing exactly what needs to get done so that your blog can thrive all year long!
the ultimate guide to blogging for beginners and bloggers, including how to use them
Generate 100s of Blogging Ideas
Are you struggling with what topic you should blog about? Here's a list of ideas for your next post. It will be difficult, but it won't be impossible! With this list as a guide, you'll have an instant plan that is guaranteed to engage and entertain your readers. So go ahead and start typing up those words now!.
the first blog post template is shown in black and pink with an image of two cherries
First Blog Post Template
Download this first blog post template for your next blog post. Includes sections to help you get started on writing your own content.
a woman sitting on top of a bed with a laptop computer in her lap and the words 30 + money making blog examples
30+ Money Making Blog Examples
Whether you want to blog about finance, fitness or food blogging this list of blogs will inspire and teach you how. These authors are all making money with their content. Follow them for great tips on monetizing your blog!
Are you looking for ways to grow your blog? You're not alone. We've compiled 100 quick ways that will take no more than five minutes each day to help you get started. Check it out now! To Grow, Check It Out, Check
Grow your blog in 5 min!
Are you looking for ways to grow your blog? You're not alone. We've compiled 100 quick ways that will take no more than five minutes each day to help you get started. Check it out now!
a woman and her child are looking at a computer screen with the text free blog post template
FREE Blog Post Template We've created a blog post template for you to use. Check it out here, and download your copy now!