15 Car Cleaning Hacks that are Pure Genius

15 Car Cleaning Hacks that Will Clean Your Car Better Than You Ever Had

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Footprint Ladybug

People told me ladybug is for good luck and I’ve been believing in that ever since. I can never have enough of ladybugs in my art or crafts. Thanx to Handprint and Footprint Arts, let’s…

Fancy Goldfish Amigurumi By Kate Wood - Free Crochet Pattern - (ravelry), amigurumi, stuffed toy

Where to Buy The Happy Hippo Crochet African Flower Free Pattern - Crochet Craft, Crochet Hippopotamus, Pink Bow

My sweet darling Angel Vylette, today you are 4 years 8 months old. Where are you my precious little girl?

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This sheep was made by my 16 year old daughter, Libbie, who has been knitting since she was 7 years old. The yarn is handspun wool from our sheep and hand painted wool that we have purchased.