"Todas as manhãs ela deixa os sonhos na cama, acorda e põe sua roupa de viver."  - Clarice Lispector

every morning she leaves her dreams in bed, wake up and put their clothes of living

Porque la vida son instantes que se cruzan en el tiempo, ¡la locura más brillante puede estar ocurriendo! ♪♫

I was never insane except on the occassions my heart was touched = Edgar Allen Poe. God isn't that the truth.

Seja sol #frases #inspiração

Every time I get on a swing, I feel like a child again, who can just fly away from all her problems. I just . want things to go back to the way they used to be. but can i?

Nada é tão nosso quanto nossos sonhos - Nietzsche

Sky and balloons Illustration by Fabian Luttenberger

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