Wine Bottle Lantern

Monogrammed Wine Lantern

Wine bottles

DIY … wine bottle lantern outdoor-stuff i love this @ DIY Home Ideas. Really, you could use any kind of glass bottle.

I know its weird to make a cup out of a bottle, but it makes such cute little cups.... its so creative

Come tagliare la bottiglia di vetro con un filo in 10 mosse

Make a cup or a mug out of the first months beer budget Cut an old glass bottle and turn it into a mug. I've made a bottle glass before; clever idea to make it into a mug.


44 Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And Ideas On How To Cut Glass! I have a flattened wine bottle that is a cheese tray!

caractériELLE: Recycler ses bouteilles de vin

Be Creative with Old Wine Bottles After you drink the wine, what the heck can you do with the wine bottles. Quite a lot, actually. And wine barrels make great DIY project too. Here are some DIY Wine bottle ideas; let us know which project you will try.

La réutilisation des bouteilles dans toute sa splendeur. Lumineux :)

Récup Bouteilles - Suspension

THE WORLD OF RECYCLING - how to cut glass using string and acetone - very cool! Brilliant recycling ideas as well.

Recycler ses #bouteilles de vin vides en photophore, quelle excellente idée!! #recup #DIY #deco

3 idées déco pour recycler une bouteille

idees recyclage bouteilles verre (4)

22 idées originales pour recycler une bouteille de vin

This looks like it will come in handy one day. For you my 9gagians

This looks like it will come in handy one day. For you my 9gagians

Un plat réalisé avec une bouteille de champagne #GlassIsLife #DD #Verre

This serving plate by Chef is perfect for presenting dishes and desserts with champagne like a ingredient. The plate is a half champagne bottle with a polished base providing a perfect stability.