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a modern living room with a fireplace in the center
Double-Sided Escea Linear Gas Fireplace
''Around the DS1400 fireplace is a curved wall that has been covered in a unique hand-trowelled plaster finish that we created in collaboration with our plasterer, Adam from Dope Deco. Essentially, we used a very thick plaster which Adam then trowelled by hand using a very wide combed hairbrush which gives it its organic wavy lineal lines that move across the wall horizontally and continue around the curve.'' - Nina Maya.
a man, woman and two children sitting on the floor in front of a fireplace
Benji & Zoe Marshall's Dream Home & Fireplace
With the goal of creating a modern family home with a touch of luxury, NRL legend Benji, and his wife Zoe recently renovated Sydney home is a tale of functionality in the disguise of formality. Installed by the team at Stoke Fireplace Studio Sydney.
As Seen On The Block 2023
Proving fireplaces are not just for living areas – Steph & Gian reveal their guest bedroom featuring the Escea DF700 Fireplace from Stoke Fireplace Studio. Take a look at the full room reveal now on the Stoke Journal.
Escea Outdoor Wood Fire Table
Social cooking on the Escea Outdoor Wood Fire Table
an outdoor fireplace and seating area on a deck
Outdoor Courtyard with Escea flames
a man standing in front of an oven with food cooking on the grill and fire coming out
Escea EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen | Flame Grilling Tips for the Home BBQ Cook
We ask Executive Chef Greg Piner his best flame-grilling tips for the backyard BBQ Cook
Indoor and Outdoor Fireplace Trends | Escea Journal Architecture, Outdoor Living Space, Open Plan Living, Outdoor Wood Fireplace, Outdoor Sinks, House, Outdoor Oasis
21 Fireplace Design Trends
21 Fireplace Design Trends 2021
an outdoor living area with couches, tables and ceiling fan in the middle of it
Fireplace Designs, Inspirations & Tips | Escea Journal
an outdoor living area with furniture and a fire place
Escea EW5000 Outdoor Wood Fireplace | Design by Condon Scott | Photography by Simon Devitt
a dining room table with chairs and a fire place
A mix of stylish outdoor furniture, feature lighting, and stone tile fireplace surround | Design by Foley Group
an outdoor dining area with a fireplace in the center and wood flooring on the other side
This home's kitchen flows from directly indoors to out via large glass sliding doors | Rogan Nash Architects
an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and grill
Custom built concrete kitchen to house the barbeque, sink, wood fire, and storage | Dravitzki Brown Architecture
a house with a fire pit in the front yard
Escea Fire Table Product Review
Outdoor Fire Table | Fire by Escea
a person standing next to a table with food on it and flames in the air
Escea Fire Table Product Review
Fire by Escea | Outdoor Fire Table