As prateleiras cru com o fundo preto, trouxeram uma beleza moderna e ao mesmo tempo prática para um cantinho que antes era sem graça.

Porta temperos para fazer em casa + Pesquisa de mercado: Potinhos e prateleiras para temperos

The humble IKEA?spice rack may look simple and modest but behind that straight-forward design, if you look with an open mind, you'll find a lot of ingeniou

O escritório criativo do Homens da Casa só poderia estar cheio de inspirações com muitos projetos DIY.

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An office space doesn´t need to be always with a neutral pallet. Give some color to your work space.


mustardskies: “I accidentally tried to take off my make up with nail varnish remover last night and hurt my cheek!


brevity is the soul of wit, so why am i so long winded • stahr-ie: who can tell me how many klimts I have.


Art Studio Loft Apartment Ideas Inspiration On Industrial Loft 2 By Denisvema Digital Art 3 Dimensional Art Scenes Apartment Design

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nehrdist: paperbackcastles: My little home office/ library is coming together nicely. I completely adore this room. It is the perfect place to write, to read and to just be.