Ive seen chairs like this for inside the home. This is a Duh idea-trees are originally outdoors, why not make outdoor furniture from tree trunks? Yeah, I like it! More - Craft Wood Shack

estrutura em deck branco e depois palha

by Studio Vacek. Established in 2011 by the Vacek brothers Tomáš and Jiří designed the HALUZ (rocking-chair). Its simple and clean lines are made entirely of ash and willow branches — a mixture of worked wood and raw wood.

1.Poltrona Radar: Carlos Motta | 2. Poltrona Oscar: Porfírio Valadares | 3. Poltrona Diz: Sergio Rodrigues | 4. Poltrona Pantosh: Lattoog | 5. Poltrona Five: Jader Almeida

A escolha da poltrona!!!!!

1 – Poltrona Radar (Carlos Motta)/ 2 – Poltrona Oscar (Porfírio Valadares)/ 3 – Poltrona Diz (Sérgio Rodrigues)/ 4 – Poltrona Pantosh (Lattoog)/ 5 – Poltrona Five (Jader Almeida).

Mudando o visual das cadeiras velhas.

Mudando o visual das cadeiras velhas.

i love the look of this chair for a reading nook

Chair great for a patio! Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Carlos Motta - really like this guy's stuff. Another to add to the DIY wishlist.

Cadeira Borboleta 1938 Design: Antonio Bonet, Jorge Ferrari Hardoy e Juan…

Grupo Austral B. (Hardoy Chair) Design: 1938 Production: since 1938 Manufacturer: Artek-Pascoe, Inc., New York Size: 93 x x seat height cms Material: varnished steel, leather

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