Ideias para dar nova vida às suas peças de roupa antigas ou para personalizar as suas peças favoritas. Boas Costur...

DIY T-shirt Felt Artwork. ◦a t-shirt % wool felt in a few pretty colors ◦small patterns of the shapes you want to cut out ◦a sharp scissor ◦pins ◦a sewing machine or needle and thread You can use wool felt or other materials.

Resultado de imagem para ponto margarida bordado

Broderie Lazy daisy stitch – used to create a flower Pull needle though to front at Make a loop and insert again right next to Come out again at 2 holding the thread under the needle as you pull tight. Insert the needle at 3 and move onto the next petal.

아이옷에 놓아준 자수. 평범한 옷도 특별하게 엄마손은 사랑을 타고ㅎㅎ #자수타그램 #아이옷자수 #자수리폼 #자수가디건 #홈스타그램 #집스타그램 #창작도안 #embroidery

아이옷에 놓아준 자수. 평범한 옷도 특별하게 엄마손은 사랑을 타고ㅎㅎ #자수타그램 #아이옷자수 #자수리폼 #자수가디건 #홈스타그램 #집스타그램 #창작도안 #embroidery

60's beaded cardigan...I love vintage cardigans so much.

I love vintage cardigans so much.-had one like this wore it till it became worn our :(


'kati' beaded cardigan vintage preppy cute chic cropped skinny cardigan with…

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