Garden - a path to?

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a wooden path in the middle of a lush green field with tall grass and wildflowers
Nigel Dunnett on Instagram: “Scandi-style board walk/duck board at home - allowing a full sense of immersion in the garden as the planting grows up around. I had…”
a garden with many different types of plants and flowers in it, including bushes and trees
Chelsea garden 2106, bluestone cobbles, copper water rill detailing,short box hedging edging the planting areas, carpinus(hornbeam) pleached hedge cubes
an old brick path is lined with plants and flowers in the garden area, leading to a building
Path of Pebbles and Brick
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and flowers on the ground, surrounded by stone steps
the shadow of a person holding an umbrella over their head on a brick sidewalk with blue and red tiles
a house that has some grass in front of it
Cotswold Mill
a stone path in the middle of a garden
an aerial view of a garden with stone walls and steps leading up to the door
Textured Path
a garden with stepping stones and lavenders in the foreground, next to a small wooden outhouse
a garden with rocks, gravel and a hammock hanging from a tree in the middle
Ein Ort, an dem Sie im Sommer entspannen können.#dem #ein #entspannen #können ... - Welcome t...