Luísa Bessa

Luísa Bessa

Brazil / Designer de Moda
Luísa Bessa
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Tunisia by VeronicA AzAryAn

Tunisia in my heart is a photography project that features architectural aspects of Tunisia. A project by Veronica AzAryAn. this series of photographs give an extraordinary view of this part of Africa.

Conhecido por seu trabalho com desenhos geométricos e padrões simétricos na pele, o artista Jaya Suartika, tornou-se um profissional com estilo único.

Minimal Geometric Tattoos Brought to Life with Bursts of Colour - BlazePress

Metamorphosis - I do love this sculpture, reminds me of the Giger designs for Species

Fantastic piece, by Youjin Lee. This artist takes the beauty of the female form but with thorns, bugs or spikes creates something more unnerving, more sinister.


A black and white photo of a bunch of bolts. The random assortment of sizes, and angles creating different reflections keep it interesting.