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Pictured: A happy Hermione and Severus // Artist: まなや Much love to my wonderful husband today. -smile- Yours Always, Hermione

Must be September. A kiss from Severus is a wonderful gift.

thesnapes: “ Pictured: A younger Hermione and Severus at Hogwarts // Artist: Free_Mind A very Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, my best friend, and the amazing mother of our four wonderful.

Severus Snape & Hermione Granger. Apparate in tandem by lily-fox on deviantART

More fan art for Caeria's marvelous Hermione/Snape story Pet Project, because now it's started invading my dreams, and we all know that's when shit star. Apparate in tandem

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thesnapes: “Pictured: Hermione looks after Severus // Artist: Unknown Our apologies for being absent more often as of late… We are all doing relatively well here, although, this bitter winter we’re.