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STEM Activities for Older Elementary Age Kids

What great things we have discovered so far. STEM activities for kids are so much fun and a great way for kids to learn! With everything from robots to bug exploration and super gross science …

Simple Science Experiment For Kids | Water Cycle In A Bag

What Is Water Cycle? Water Cycle For Kids Experiment - What Is Water Cycle? Water cycle is also known as hydrologic cycle or hydrological cycle. It describes how water moves continuously on Earth. Water loops through different stages – evaporation, co

Anatomy for Kids: Teaching from the inside out

Anatomy for Kids: Teaching from the inside out. Resources for books and toys on teaching anatomy.

Wonderful app for Kids to Learn the Human Body

A beautiful app exploring human body with kids - hands on and elegantly. Explore human anatomy in style. Have to see it for yourself! Plus it is for Limited Time

human body felt - Pesquisa Google

This ‘My Body’ felt chart is an ideal resource to make students aware of their body and body parts. It teaches them where you can find your organs in the body and how they all interconnect.