Hand Embroidery Tutorials | Ribbon Stitches | HandiWorks #32 - YouTube

Satin Ribbon Embroidery Roses is three dimensional. The lovely red roses are of course the classics, but we highly recommend mixing it up with a few other colors of your choosing. From whites to blacks to yellows to blues. Enjoy your time working with

Day 1 What Can I Sew in 20 Minutes? Lotus Flower Craft Jitsu Online Hand Embroidery Class - YouTube

Craft Jitsu is a resource for crafters of all kinds with lots of free videos designed to get those creative juices flowing.

Embroidery Designs | DIY Ribbon Flower | HandiWorks #71 - YouTube

How To Make Ribbon Embroidery Design by Hand: A basic stitch that enables you to create a wide variety of flowers, leaves even insects.