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a yellow and white object is on the floor in front of a gray background,
Emily Payne - Atlas
Emily Payne, Atlas, 2013
an ancient vase with a woman holding a staff
Gods and Goddesses: the Immortals depicted on Roman oil lamps FOLLOWING HADRIAN
an old vase is sitting on the wall
Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich
Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an ancient vase with two faces on it
Apotropaic Talisman Against the “Evil Eye” - JHU Archaeological Museum
As well as Gorgoneion, this Roman oil-lamp has other apotropaic elements: 2 turtles, 2 lizards & a frog. "Lizards, frogs and other reptiles were also associated with the Underworld: lizards symbolized death & resurrection because of their hibernation habits, while turtles were dear to the god Mercury ... The plethora of chthonian animals represented on this lamp echoes & magnifies the power of the Gorgon, making this object both a device for lighting & a potent talisman against the evil eye."
an old metal object with carvings on the front and back sides, hanging from a red background
Ulysse et les Sirènes | BnF Essentiels
The Odyssey is a story of the adventures of Ulysses, solitary hero who wanders for ten years before returning to the island of his family.
a yellow vase with a bird handle on it's side, against a black background
RARE CRUSADER PERIOD GLAZED OIL LAMP, c. 12th century AD. Yellow glazed lamp with drip catcher body. 3.75 inches. Excellent condition. Rare.
an antique vase is on display in a glass case
Gods and Goddesses: the Immortals depicted on Roman oil lamps FOLLOWING HADRIAN
an old vase with two people on it's side and some holes in the middle
Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich
an ancient object is displayed on a white surface with holes in the middle and one hole at the top
lucerna romana terracotta -roman oil lamp
Antigüedades: lucerna romana terracotta -roman oil lamp - Foto 4 - 105384686