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Men's Coats from a 1920 catalog #vintage #1920s #fashion

Ulster Overcoats This winter’s cold weather has reminded me that I’d really like to acquire a classic Ulster overcoat sometime this year. An Ulster is a long, double-breasted overcoat, usually made.

Men were suits in the 1920's. Designs were simpler, with less padding and light colors.Cuffs were added to trousers.Younger men liked to wear wider legged trousers adn brighter colors than older men. A man always wore a hat, no matter the class or social standing. When Driving men wore driving caps adn gloves. Men wore differen thats for different seasons. In the sumemr men wore blazers and ordorned their heads with Panama straw

Vintage Male Fashion: This image represents the because the man is wearing looser fitting pants,and has a fedora style hat.Also he has a taller/wider shirt collar.

A Era Vitoriana Especial com a história, ilustrações, roupas e acessórios originais da época (1837 até 1901)

Basic Dress Silhouettes This chart is a good timeline of fashionable shapes. Layers of petticoats/crinoline and hoops. Full and elliptical hoops. Elliptical hoops and the bustle. Layers of petticoats